Boing Boing Video: In Case You Missed…

I'm back in the US after a few weeks on the road in Africa, just now personally catching up on all of daily Boing Boing Video episodes I missed — internet was too thin where I was to stream or download video. You may have missed some BBV, too! So below, a recap of recent episodes blogged by my BBV colleague Derek Bledsoe (big round of applause — thanks, Derek, for keeping the blog warm while I was gone!). Our YouTube channel is here, you can subscribe to our daily video podcast on iTunes here.

* The Mae Shi are "Professionals" A music feature with our UK-based correspondent Russell Porter about a cool, experimental punk band who recently hit SXSW. download the MP4 here.

* Gödel ????? Film School," excerpt from the PSST! 3 Animation Project. Brilliant, surreal short from a collaborative animation project. One of the contributors on this one is the lovely and talented David O'Reilly, about whom we are admittedly apeshit. You can download the MP4 here.

* United Nations Drug Policy- Skeptics Chime In. You can download the MP4 here. Working with Witness and the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union, we cut together excerpts from "Dare to Question? Using Video to Take on UN Drug Policies" and other testimonials appealing to the United Nations to reconsider its hardline policies combating the cultivation and use of illicit drugs.

* Cyberpipe's Mecca of Vintage Computers. You can download the MP4 here. Mononchrom's Johannes Grenzfurthner takes us backwards through time to Cyberpipe's Computer Museum, a huge collection of functioning vintage computers located in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

(Special thanks to Boing Boing Video's hosting and publishing provider Episodic.)