A Bit More Music…and So Long for Now

Dan Gillmor is a BoingBoing guest-blogger.

At the beginning of this guest-blogging stint at BoingBoing, I posted a song from my days in music some years back. Several of you asked me to post some more. Okay, on my last post for now, here goes. 

Our music, in a band called Road Apple, ranged all over the map, from 20s jazz to rock to country to whatever we felt like. We wrote a lot of our own material. I learned the secret of collaboration: Always work (or play, in this case) with people who are better than you are.

Music was a joy, not a job. I miss it, and miss my musical compatriots and friends who are either distant in geography or who've left us entirely.

These songs reflect my folky tendencies, and are from two albums we recorded in the 1970s; you'll have to decide whether they've held up or not. I wrote the first two. The last is by David Batteau and it may be the best of all the tunes we recorded.

"I Stayed Behind" — One day I decided to write a lonesome country song:

"California Plane" — It can be a bad idea to go back home unannounced:

"Space Cowboys" — A beautiful song, and I think we did justice to it:

It's been an honor and pleasure to be here, sharing a space not just with the incredible BoingBoing team but with all of you as well. Your ideas and comments reinforced what I already knew, that BoingBoing readers are a rare breed. Thanks to all…