Guest Blogger: Richard Metzger


Hello again, Boing Boing readers. It was BIG FUN being guest blogger last year and I am very excited to be back. It's a rare and special thrill be be able to communicate with so many people from the comforts of my office whilst still wearing pajamas and slippers! Many thanks to Mark, Xeni, David and Cory for hosting me again. This time around, I'll be posting a mixture of more whimsical pop cult recommendations, mixed in with some serious fare, stuff about, you know, THE ECONOMY, the big story of our times. Later in the week I'll be taping some interviews with Douglas Rushkoff about his upcoming book, Life Inc., (pre-order now and support Doug!) and I'll also be talking to Charles Hugh Smith about his new (free) E-book, Survival+, which he begins serializing today at his Of Two Minds blog. Still working out the production details, but that should appear here later during my Boing Boing tenure.

–Richard Metzger

Photo of Richard Metzger and Tara McGinley by Kendra Miller