Quarter of all British govt databases are illegal

Ian sez, "The Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust has this morning published our comprehensive new report on the UK's Database State, finding that 25% of major public sector databases are illegal under human rights and data protection law. Only 15% of databases are proportionate and necessary. Calls for databases such as National Identity Register and DNA database to be scrapped."

* A quarter of all major public sector databases are fundamentally flawed and almost certainly illegal. These should be scrapped or redesigned immediately;

* The database state is victimising minority groups and vulnerable people, from single mothers to young black men and schoolchildren;

* Children are amongst the 'most at risk' from Britain's Database State, with three of the largest databases set up to support and protect children failing to achieve their aims;

* Data sharing is a barrier to socially responsible activities. It is deterring teenagers from accessing health advice and undermining goodwill towards law enforcement;

* Only 15% of major public sector databases are effective, proportionate and necessary;

* We spend £16 billion a year on public sector IT and a further £105bn spending is planned for the next five years – but only 30% of public-sector IT projects succeed.

Database State

(Thanks, Ian!)