Trailer Park Boys: Big Plans, Little Brains

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Okay, I'll admit that I came to the immense pleasures of Canada's greatest export, "Trailer Park Boys" a little late in the party. By the time I downloaded a 17GB torrent file of "the complete Trailer Park Boys" it was indeed just that, complete, with a bow on top. Two feature films and seven TV series, a total of 56 episodes of some of the funniest television I have ever seen. My wife and I positively gorged ourselves on these shows. We'd often watch six a night, one after the other like it was comedy crack. Finally after three weeks or so, the well ran dry. No more "Trailer Park Boys"!! We were majorly bummed out. We went through withdrawal symptoms. We were sad. It was bad, real, real bad.

But then --hooray-- they did a new Christmas special!! Hearing THAT was the best present I could have gotten, believe me! And the Christmas show ended with the set-up to a new feature film that will appear in 2009, "Countdown To Liquor Day." In my household, this was off-the-scale good news.

Here is a selection of short --but exemplary-- clips from "Trailer Park Boys." If like me, you somehow tragically managed to live your life without being acquainted with the distinctly UN-subtle comedic charms of Canada's favorite bad boys, Julian, Ricky, Bubbles (and let's not forget Mister Lahey, the greatest screen lush since WC Fields) and you find that these clips tickle your funny bone, rejoice, you have hours and hours of the most side-splitting humor still to discover. And if you are already a TPB fan --and you know who you are-- post in the forums and encourage other Boing Boing readers to check out this masterpiece of mirth and mayhem. Who knows, maybe even Coop will get around to watching the DVD I gave him?

Ricky and Bubbles fight

"The Water Bong is So Smooth!"

(this is the real Reveen)

White rapper "J-Roc" "You know what I mean?"


Ricky gets caught stealing cable