Jazzy covers of Mister Rogers' songs

Holly Yarbrough's Mister Rogers Swings! is a fine collection of swinging, jazzy, uptempo covers of songs from classic episodes of Mr Rogers' Neighborhood, with a big, brassy band backing sweet, passionate vocals. You can catch a preview of the disc with "Won't You Be My Neighbor" at the end of this week's Tank Riot podcast, around 1:10:14.

1. Won't You Be My Neighbor
2. You've Got to Do It
3. I Like to Be Told
4. Sometimes People Are Good
5. It's You I Like
6. When the Day Turns Into Night
7. Everybody's Fancy
8. Please Don't Think it's Funny
9. Look & Listen
10. This is Just The Day
11. Many Ways to Say I Love You
12. You Are Special
13. I'm Taking Care of You
14. Peace & Quiet
15. Then Your Heart Is Full of Love
16. It's Such a Good Feeling

Mister Rogers Swings!