Boing Boing Video: recent episodes, in case you missed 'em.

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Here's a recap of recent Boing Boing Video episodes over the past week — check 'em out!

* "Super Ed," by Subatomic Nixons (dir. Bill Barminski and Walter Robot / music video). A new work from our favorite director and animator Bill Barminski, and Walter Robot. The song is a reimagining of Ed Sullivan with robots and superheroes. The band, Subatomic Nixons, is Barminski's music side project. Download an MP4 here.

* Peter Kirn of Create Digital Music and Matt Ganucheau of Expression College joined us for Boing Boing Video's marathon live coverage of the 2009 Game Developers Conference. Above, part one, below, part two of an interview we did about the future of music in games — how will the tech tools change? Are developers thinking about sound and scores as a more fundamental building block of the gaming experience? What about iterative/automatically generated music tools?

Blog posts:
Music in Video Games, pt. 2, with Peter Kirn and Matt Ganucheau (MP4 download)
Music in Video Games, pt. 1, with Peter Kirn and Matt Ganucheau (MP4 download here)

* And below, finally — GDC Out-take – Radiohead Fan-Dance-Off with Giant Katamari Damacy Heads. Peter, Matt, and Xeni don Katamari Damacy head, crank up a favorite song ("Bodysnatchers" by Radiohead), and rock out in front of a webcam. Download MP4.