Multi-level marketing spam for child-fingerprinting operation

This may be the creepiest spam I've ever received. In this multi-level marketing scam, you terrorize local parents into coming to your business to have their children fingerprinted (Why fingerprinted? Presumably to ease identification of their mutilated remains — don't you feel safer already?) by the local cops. This, in turn, gets you a bunch of potential customers to buy whatever junk your business sells.

Introducing Operation Kidsafe

Operation Kidsafe is a completely turnkey program designed by child safety expert – Mark J. Bott- that will deliver a huge number of parents and potential new customers. Parents will bring their children to your location to have their children fingerprinted and photographed using the same technology and equipment that is used by the U.S. Secret Service and FBI. In the event their child ever goes missing, they will have this information to provide to their local police department to assist in the safe return of their child.

Completely Turnkey- Operation Kidsafe coordinates the entire event. Local Police and Fire Departments attend. 10,000 flyers are distributed throughout the community to Churches, Schools, Day cares and other civic organizations. A full court press is put on media to help get the word out.

Market Exclusivity- Once you enroll, no one else within a 50-mile radius of your location can host another Operation Kidsafe Event. You have first right of refusal for the following year.

Free Sales Training- The Operation Kidsafe staff will teach your salespeople a system that allows a comfortable transition to reviewing your products and services while the children are being fingerprinted. They will help you focus your team by holding a training and prep meeting with you prior to your event.

No limit to # of Children Fingerprinted- Spread the word! You have the ability to make this event as big as you would like. You can advertise it, send out letters to your own customer database, host a live radio remote etc. The possibilities are endless!

If you would like more information and a full sponsor package with references, please fill out the request and fax to us at