Time Warner bandwidth cap protest this Saturday in Greensboro, NC

Jonathan sez, "I am planning an event, a protest sign pumping extravaganza, for this Saturday in Greensboro, NC. Greensboro is in the same boat as Rochester. Time Warner Cable will 'test' transfer limits here as well, starting this summer. I wanted to amplify the effect of Rochester people protest and got a decent feedback on Twitter. I started by tweeting and establishing a Facebook event, and contacting the city office today. If you could post this on BB I would really appreciate it. We need all the support and media coverage we can get. As you probably already know, TWC is embarking on anti-competitive practices, effectively limiting consumers use of online video, audio, and communications like VOIP. Analysts claim that the wholesale prices of bandwidth use is somewhere around $3 per 40GB. TWC wants to charge $75 per 100GB!!! Thats 1000% ($7.5/100GB)."

Time Warner protest planned for Saturday

(Thanks, Jonathan!)