Time-Warner bandwidth caps cancelled after threats of protests

Adam sez, "Time Warner will no longer be implementing download caps in all
markets. I can't thank you enough. As you know, BB is read by a lot of
mass-media outlets and other national organizations. I have it on good
authority that Senator Chuck Schumer's office was notified of the
impending protest through the Boing Boing post, and it spurred them to
take the issue seriously."

Time Warner's climbdown on this one is hilarious — they say that they have to abandon caps until they can "educate" their customers (presumably it takes a lot of education to convince people to let your ISP clobber your participation in digital life to turn a buck).

We Won! (For Now) Time Warner Killing Usage Caps "In All Markets" – But TW Press Statements Suggest They Are Still Out Of Touch

(Thanks, Adam!)