Today on Offworld

snap7.jpgMost excitingly today on Offworld, area/code's iPhone puzzler Drop7 — still one of the platform's absolute best, and one of the very few that (four months later) I'm still playing on a daily basis — got a social update with worldwide leaderboard and Facebook Connect support that finally legitimizes its 'sequence' mode, and saw the release of a short EP of its fantastic Steve Reich-ian soundtrack. If you haven't played the game yet, do so as soon as possible.

Elsewhere we found a fantastic "brief history" of chiptunes (that actually is considerably more exhaustive than they give themselves credit for) in an academic journal, saw vinyl toy/comic star Whaleboy get a trademark for games, and watched the best machinima of the week with Seakitten Collective's LittleBigRevenge.

We also played Cosmic Nitro, the latest iPhone game from Galcon creator that's best summed up as "survival mode Missile Command x insanity", downloaded a number of songs from the soundtrack of our highly anticipated Stalin Vs. Martians, scratched our heads over the curiously un-tetramino shapes of Diego Silvério's Tetris furniture, and saw the former real-life Mario Kart prankster do Pac Man in real life.