CIA waterboarded individual suspects up to 183 times

Fee sez, "The BBC and Guardian report that despite claims that waterboarding leads to people confessing all quickly, some suspects were subjected to the torture hundreds of times.

I was already appalled by the idea of civilised countries using torture... this level of torture enacted upon individuals is inhumane and unspeakable. I hope they are prosecuted."

The CIA waterboarded two al-Qaida terror suspects a total of 266 times, according to a report that suggests the use of the torture technique was much more extensive than previously thought.

The documents showed waterboarding was used 183 times on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who admitted planning the 9/11 attacks, the New York Times reported today.

The US Justice Department memos released last Thursday showed that waterboarding, which the US now admits is torture, was used 83 times on the alleged al-Qaida senior commander Abu Zubaydah, the paper said. A former CIA officer claimed in 2007 that Zubaydah was subjected to the simulated drowning technique for only 35 seconds.

CIA waterboarded al-Qaida suspects 266 times

(Thanks, Fee!)