Speaking of Bacon: Canadian Bacon graffitti (or is it "radon?", and bacon bracelet.

That recent bacon/fire/science/death-themed Boing Boing Video episode sparked a lot of delicious incoming blog suggestions. Two are here.

Above, roguetoronto.com shares this snapshot of bacon graffitti and says, "Took this under the College Street bridge here in Toronto. The photo is untouched, straight off my Xacticam. This is Canadian BACON, spray-bombed to perfection. I think that it is quite old by the state of the chipped paint."

And at left, a stylish bacon bracelet spotted on Etsy, via via cnet. Sadly: sold out right now. (thanks, Mark Kleiman)

Update: That Etsy seller has a new bacon bracelet. AND: The graffitti may say "radon," now that I think of it. BACON IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER. No, it really does say "bacon." Thanks commenters!