EU set to vote to remove neutrality from the net, give ISPs and govts the power to arbitrarily block site

Carsten sez, "On May 5, thus in only two weeks, the politicians in Brussels will vote on
a package of laws regulating the Internet in EU countries.

This is the so-called telecoms
package. If the lobbyists' and bureaucrats' version is adopted, ISPs will be able to arbitrarily block sites to their customers, and governments will be able to impose three-strikes measures without involving the judiciary.

A group of MEPs, among them the Swede Eva-Britt Svensson, are proposing some amendments which will effectively table a set of digital 'Citizen's Rights' which will effectively prohibit filtering and cutoffs unless as decided in a courtroom with adequate cause/proof.

If the Citizens' Rights amendments are accepted, Europeans will gain important safeguards, if not, lobbies and governments and Network Neutrality-bashing ISPs will get a free ride."

Tell the European Parliament to vote against conditional access to the Internet!

(Thanks, Carsten!)