Today at Boing Boing Gadgets


• Brando's "Spy Ear" is a tiny cellphone that always picks up.

• Praxionoscope animation is a zoetrope on drugs.

• The youngsters these days, with their U-238 Atomic Energy Labs.

• General Electric invents Blu-Ray killer.

• Behold! Mashamaro the MP3 Rabbit.

• The Telos 5000 is an amplifier that costs more than a house.

• The new Flip HD mini-camcorder is out.

• Fujitsu didn't get the memo about expensive, high-tech pocket computers not selling well.

Motherboard mirror on the wall (obscures all.)

• The networking card of the future never stop networking.

• Seiko once made a drum machine watch.

• Review: Seagate's Replica brings
Time Machine-style no-brainer backups to Windows PCs.

Hacking drink vending machines is, evidently, great fun.

• The Loltus offers a cracking drive.

• Tears! There will probably be no new OQO, as the company is in trouble.

• How much would you spend on a chair? Lisa reviews the best.

• Video at 1000 fps.

• Watch Joel make beer.

• Terrorize your dearest with remote-controlled nerf artillery.

Trim-it-quick tree lights make for a festive April.

• In the future, people will sit — on chairs!

• Remember the Computer Chronicles?