Catalina Estrada at Iguapop Gallery in Barcelona, April 30th 2009


Cataline Estrada's Disarming Dreams show is opening at Iguapop Gallery in Barcelona, on April 30th 2009.

Catalina Estrada has made us used to traveling within beautiful oneiric worlds filled with colors. Worlds built out of the the warmth emanated from the dreamed land she always longs for. But the dream is broken by the cold lightning of Colombia's reality. Reality above reality they cover one another to hide and make us oversight and forget the weakest, the children.

Disarming Dreams looks for those children hidden behind the mist. These children to whom the alienation and madness of the war has condemned to float in the limbo as lost souls awaiting to be reborn, awaiting to awake and discover that they were fooled, that their rifle was always made of plastic. – Pancho Tolchinsky