Apple's censors remove NiN app and Anda's Game from iPhone store, citing "objectionable content"

Trent Reznor's Nine Inch Nails iPhone app, "NIN iPhone," has been removed from the iPhone store. Apple says that they censored it for "objectionable content." I just heard that they've also removed the comic version of my story Anda's Game for the same reason. The publisher says that they believe this beheaded orc is the objectionable content in question. So much for Apple as a benevolent dictator, well-suited to acting as guardian of what sorts of things you should and should not be allowed to run on your devices (remember, the company has also gone to the Copyright Office's DMCA hearing to protest the legalization of jailbreaking, hoping to make it illegal for you to install apps from outside of the App Store on your phone).

Apple Rejects Nine Inch Nails iPhone App