Britain's secret spy-on-every-call-and-email plan already well underway

Glyn sez, "The UK government has already spent several hundreds million pounds installing a secret mass internet surveillance system at the same time as the home secretary has been telling the public they would not do it and instead would consult on internet monitoring.

The program is called 'Mastering the Internet' MTI the kind of name you would expect and an evil genus to come up with. MTI is a major part of the government's Interception Modernisation Programme (IMP). Lockheed Martin has already be awarded contracts worth £200 million and Detica has also won a contract while GCHQ has been allocated a budget of £1 billion over three years. So it is well past the planning stage.

The Regulation of interception powers act allows for the inclusion of such interception 'black boxes' - but the order has to be laid before Parliament and approved by a resolution of each House. If this has not happened - and it hasn't - then any ISP installing a 'black box' will be acting illegally."

Spy chiefs are pressing ahead with secret plans to monitor all internet use and telephone calls in Britain despite an announcement by Jacqui Smith, the home secretary, of a ministerial climbdown over public surveillance. ... The £1 billion snooping project - called Mastering the Internet (MTI) - will rely on thousands of "black box" probes being covertly inserted across online infrastructure. ... Jacqui Smith announced that she was ditching controversial plans for a single "big brother" database ... However, she failed to mention that substantial additional sums - amounting to more than £1 billion over three years - had already been allocated to GCHQ for its MTI programme.

Just this morning, I was saying to myself, "I wonder if a journalist asked Jacqui Smith, 'Is there anything that you believe the public has the right to keep private from the government?" whether her answer would be "No."

Seriously, I believe that Jacqui Smith believes that it is proper and good for the government to know literally everything about every person in Britain. And I bet she'd admit it, too, if pressed to name stuff that she things isn't the government's business.

Jacqui Smith's secret plan to carry on snooping

(Thanks, Glyn!)