Road rage among senior citizens

Beecher Davis, 82, was charged with assault for punching Charlie Bruener, 67, in the face, twice, in a moment of road rage in Alexandria, Kentucky. Bruener allegedly called Davis a son-of-a-bitch after Davis cut him off in his car. Davis followed Bruener and his wife to a Wal-Mart parking lot. From WCPO:

When they pulled into the Walmart parking lot, Bruener says Davis approached their car.

"I said get away from here you s.o.b. like that and when I did that he punched me in the jaw," said Bruener.

The 67-year-old says that's when he reached for his Derringer pistol which he has a concealed carry permit but Davis he says was unphased.

"He told me to shoot him! He pointed it right at his chest and he said shoot me! I said mister I will shoot you if you don't get away from me." said Bruener. "I said get away from me you s.o.b nut you know like that and then I get hit again in the chin! He hit me again in the chin..."

According to the police report, officers asked Davis why instead of calling police he approached Bruener's car. Davis told officers he doesn't take being called a s.o.b off of anybody.

Davis later told the officer, "If you call me a s.o.b., I'll slug you, too."

"Senior Citizen Arrested For Assault" (Thanks, Charles Pescovitz!)