White Mischief steampunk variety night returns to London, May 23

Toby Slater sez,

White Mischief is a steampunk / neo-Victorian themed clubnight in London that, several times a year, takes over 1900s former cinema Scala. The upcoming show is on Saturday May 23, 9pm-4am.

Using art directors who have worked with theatre producers like Punchdrunk the various rooms are set-dressed; the theme for this coming show is "Journey To The Centre Of The Earth" so there will be an underground sea, a cavern featuring giant mushrooms, and a performance from electroluminescent creatures (by way of UV-lit aerialists).

Live music includes UK steampunk scenesters The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing; The Correspondents, who blend vintage jazz and swing with hip hop; and White Mischief's hosts Tough Love.

In between the bands are all manner of vaudeville acts including Edwin Flay (a Burning Man veteran who will be performing an aerial escapeology routine and a bullet catch, all in Victorian garb); The Fitzrovia Radio Hour, who broadcast a radio show live from the past; and a juggler who uses real chainsaws.

But partygoers are just as likely to encounter shows and costumed characters in the stairwells or lobby, thanks to sideshows such as Archibald Floss (a Victorian freakshow), roving accordion-led band the Bohemianauts, or Amundsen and Slade's Sonic Sideshow. The Sonic Sideshow revolves around Jules Verne-esque leather suits which can either be worn by the audience members or by the hosts. The suits can sample sound live from the audience or from a laptop sound bank. By touching one another, the suit-wearers can interact to create new sound pieces, even transferring loops and samples from one suit to the other.

Some of the UK steampunk scene's biggest aficionados have already bought their tickets so expect to see lots of brass goggles, fancy rayguns and explorer outfits. Dressing up is never compulsory but at previous shows there have been some wonderful steampunk costumes.

WHITE MISCHIEF: "Journey To The Centre Of The Earth"

(Thanks, Tobias!)