Strange, but Never Strangers

Douglas Rushkoff was a guest blogger.

Thanks for having me aboard these past two weeks, engaging with me so honestly and provocatively, and for quickly scrolling past my posts if they just strayed too far from what it is you know and love about BoingBoing. The beauty of guest bloggers is that we are temporary. And no matter how combative we get in these spaces, sometimes it's good to remember we're all on the same side. 

I do hope I get to meet a lot of the people I engaged with in the comments sections, here. I'll be touring – both for my Life Inc book and, more importantly, to promote ideas for DIY commerce. I really do believe the BoingBoing ethos of open source and cyberpunk (make) culture dovetail perfectly with those of complementary currencies, peer-to-peer lending, and other non-outsourced finance. And I look forward to taking what I've learned into the field and into the media.

There's two more excerpts coming up to finish the serialization on BB, too – this Monday and next. 

For those of you who may want to catch up or meet up, here's where I'll be the next few weeks. You can always find out where I'm going to be via – and I'll be on the MediaSquat via WFMU every week, as well, so call in. Please don't be strangers.

Thanks again. Your humble but happy mutant,

Upcoming gigs:
NY: May 26th:
Reading in Irvington, 8pm-9pm
Chutney Masala
4 West Main Street in Irvington, NY 

NY: May 31st:
Comp Currency panel, 1-5PM
St. Marks Church
2nd Ave & 10th St 

Boston: June 2. Boston Public Library, book reading, 6pm
700 Boylston St.

NY: June 7th:
Life Inc. Book Party, open to public
Comfort Restaurant
583 Warburton Ave, Hasting-on-Hudson, NY 10706 

SF: June 9th:
Booksmith, reading and signing, 7pm – 8pm PST
1644 Haight St,

Seattle, June 10th:, Seattle talk and signing, 7pm PST 

Redmond: June 11th:
Lecture at Microsoft, 10:30 am – 11:30 am PST 

NY: June 16th McNally Jackson Books, book reading and signing, 7pm – 8pm
52 Prince Street, 

NY: June 18th:
Blue Stockings, book party and talk, 7pm
172 Allen St

NY: June 29th:
Personal Democracy Forum