Search Engine podcast is back on TVO — update your podcatchers!

Search Engine — the long-suffering and absolutely brilliant tech radio show/podcast — is alive and in its new home, hosted by TVOntario, a Canadian public broadcasting that scooped the show out from underneath the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The premiere show in the new series features a long interview with me — I was passing through Toronto last week and he came by my parents place and recorded an interview.

Inexplicably, the CBC has not set a redirect message on the old podcast feed, so subscribers to the old show are getting dead links. This is either an oversight or pure, unforgivable nastiness. Either way, it's a good time to add the new feed to your podcatcher!

What's more, TVO has given host/creator Jesse Brown permission to Creative Commons license the podcast, making it the first-ever piece of CC licensed public broadcast material in Canadian history!

Search Engine: hackers ransom medical data, and a few words with author and activist Cory Doctorow'

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