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Here's a recap of recent episodes of our daily original video program, Boing Boing Video.

* (Embedded Above) – Diving into Space: Miles O'Brien in NASA's Neutral Buoyancy Lab (Download / YouTube). Our esteemed guest space correspondent brings us this special report on the same day NASA astronauts complete their final space walk — and zero-g repair job — on the Hubble Space Telescope Servicing Mission #4.

* Miles O'Brien Reports: An Astronaut Climbs Everest (Download / YouTube). Guest contributor Miles O'Brien, the veteran space and science reporter formerly with CNN, speaks with astronaut Scott Parazynski as he attempts to summit Mt. Everest.

* BB Video: This Week in Space, with Miles O'Brien (Download / YouTube) A recap of this week in space news. The former CNN anchor and reporter is exploring what independent online journalism is all about. In this episode, we learn what life is like for a 26-year broadcast veteran who has become a freewheeling freelancer. The short answer? Pretty good.

* Guatemala Protests: Eyewitness Cellphone Video from Twitterers (Download / YouTube).
In recent weeks, Guatemalan citizens have been gathering to protest the assassination of an attorney who blamed president Álvaro Colom for his imminent murder in a posthumously-released YouTube Video.
Boing Boing Video viewer (and BB blog reader) Maria Figueroa (@thevenemousone on Twitter) participated in the demonstrations with friends, and she sent us this eyewitness report captured on her cellphone.

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