Lawsuit loser Airborne changes its packaging art

Last year, Cory wrote that Airborne, a cold remedy ("CREATED BY A SCHOOL TEACHER!") lost a class action lawsuit for deceptive advertising and had to award its customers $23 million in damages.

I just noticed that Airborne has also changed its packaging art, probably as a term of losing the lawsuit.

The old art shows a man in a blue suit sitting next to a woman coughing into her fist. Behind him, a man is sneezing into a handkerchief. The man in the blue suit is looking fearfully at a menagerie of ugly germs floating overhead, no doubt let loose by the coughers and sneezers around him.

In the new artwork, the coughing woman has been miraculously cured of her cold. She even sports some fashionable red lipstick. The sneezing gentlemen has traded in his snotty handkerchief for a petite napkin, which he uses to politely dab his lips while enjoying an airplane meal. The germs are gone. The blue-suited man, however, remains as frightened as before. This time, he's staring in shock at a gold emblem, which Airborne apparently awarded itself for "quality, purity, and safety" (See close up here). What is Airborne trying to tell us here?