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* Dance Dance Immolation: Flames! Games! Dames! Experience the funky flaming glory that is DANCE DANCE IMMOLATION, a pyro-parody of the popular arcade game in which one jumps around on touch-sensitive pads underfoot in rhythm with music. (Download MP4 / Watch on YouTube)

* "Big Yank" Vintage Jeans TV Ad (late '70s or early '80s, we think?) that screams "WEDGIE," or something worse. Courtesy Oddball Film + Video, who do screenings from their extensive weirdo film/TV/ad video archives every week in San Francisco, and also offer a stock footage service. (Download MP4 / Watch on YouTube)

* Boiler Bar: "Punk, Hot Rod, Geek, Blue Collar, and Maker Culture mixed together with the Petroleum Golden Age of the last century." (Download MP4 / Watch on YouTube)

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