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Every gadget expands until it becomes a PC. Any gadget that does not so expand is replaced by one that will.

• Joel interviewed Dane Novarlic, the United Nations' emergency network admin. He's currently in Pakistan helping people displaced by the Taliban.

• Cabledrop holds cables securely, but has the added quality of looking very rude.

• TomTom touts "subtle swirls" on its special edition satnav, the world's most glamorous by far.

• The H-Bomb is a battery-heated $1,000 wetsuit.

• Yes, it was our Surfing theme day! Remember the Waikiki Beach Boys; Predict surf at Mavericks; and learn how to Sell surf wax.

Liquid metal breeching rounds are exactly what they say they are.

• Someone put an Atom PC in a vase. But is it ceramic?