Left 4 Dead 2: zombie game is scarier than the original, which is plenty scary

Left 4 Dead — a first-person, team-play zombie game — is one of the most compelling, nightmarish, cinematic games I've ever seen. Part of it is the excellent play mechanics, part of it is the music (which has its own AI subsystem to ensure that it follows your play and makes appropriate, dramatic swellings at all the right times), part of it is the superb writing — but it's mostly the fact that computer generated zombies are supposed to inhabit the uncanny valley, so these undead critters seem incredibly lifelike.

And now there's a sequel in the works, and holy crap, it looks even scarier. Watch this trailer and tell me that this thing won't give you bad dreams and twitches for months.

Left 4 Dead 2 PC GamesTrailer – E3 2009: Keep Fighting Trailer

(via Wonderland)