Awesome, infringing music video made from 80s brat pack flicks is band's "best video"

Tavie sez, "My friend Sarah WINS at the internet. I've known her online (and eventually offline) for 15 years and her creativity never ceases to astound me.

Now it's astounding Rolling Stone, who've picked up on the fact that her recent YouTube mashup of the band Phoenix's song "Lisztomania" meshes perfectly with clips from 80's brat pack movies. I'd never heard of this band before (I live under a rock), but this song makes me want to dance. Phoenix even added it to their official myspace page and have said it's their "best video yet".

Her tribute is so good that it spawned a tribute-to-the-tribute.

Dude. I'm so glad fans are still creating brilliant, beautiful things on the internet. Fandom rules."

Scenes from The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink and Footloose match up so perfectly with the Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix track, it's hard to believe the band didn't attempt to soundtrack John Hughes flicks in the studio a la Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon and The Wizard of Oz. AvoidantConsumer did such a good job, the band even posted on their official MySpace page and, according to Swide, Phoenix have gone on record saying the unofficial Brat Pack version is "our best video."

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(Thanks, Tavie!)