Bad News From the Past: blog devoted to century-old bad newspaper stories

The Hope Chest: Bad news from the past is a blog that reproduces late 19th/early 20th century bad news reports from various American newspapers, with a little snappy commentary at the end, such as "Telling little snapshot of what life was like before the liberalization of divorce laws. I wonder what the charge might have been had there been no children in the household to 'protect.'" and "The democratization of the automobile in the late Teens and Twenties was not without its social costs. Neighborhood pedestrians conditioned to horse-drawn traffic were slow to adapt to the new speed of life; drivers didn't know what the fuck they were doing. The consequent death toll gave rise to the journalistic concept of the 'vampire auto,' which basically meant a hit-and-run car."

The Hope Chest: Bad news from the past

(via Beyond the Beyond)