PETA pushes to halt Seattle fish mongers from tossing fish

PETA wants to stop the fishmongers at Seattle's 102-year-old Pike Place Fish Market from tossing dead fish to each other at an an upcoming veterinarians' conference.

Asserting that the practice of lobbing fish above the heads of patrons and tourists at the market and other venues is disrespectful to creatures that already have gone through a lot, an animal rights group is protesting plans to stage a flying-fish exhibition at an upcoming national veterinarians conference in Seattle.

Ultimately, they would like to see the practice banned at the fish market too. They argue that tourists would not be nearly so eager to snap photos if dead kittens or gutted lambs were sailing over their heads.

"Killing animals so you can toss their bodies around for amusement is just twisted," said Ashley Byrne, senior campaigner for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals in Washington, D.C.

Seattle's Pike Place fishmongers under fire