Quadrophenia scooter sold at auction


Jimmy's Lambretta scooter from the 1979 movie Quadrophenia sold at auction for £36,000.

The scooter gained instant acceptance everywhere, its cleanliness and convenience in particular appealing to those who regarded the true motorcycle with suspicion. Scooters would eventually surpass their strictly utilitarian origins to become an integral part of British youth culture in the 1960s as favourite transport of the fashion-conscious 'Modernists', or 'Mods'. The scooter's enclosed engine and decent weather protection meant that its rider could arrive at a club, doff his parka and look like he'd just stepped out of a taxi, which was a definite advantage within a dandified sub-culture that placed a premium on smartness of appearance.

Quadrophenia scooter sold at auction (via Dinosaurs and Robots)