Wicked Klingon-style blades for kids' furniture and toys

Artist Shi Jinsong's 2006 show, "Ne Zha – A Child's Boutique," featured Klingon Death Metal bladed baby toys and furniture that would fit in just great in any kids' bedroom:

As described by Shi Jinsong, Ne Zha is "a supernatural youthful hero who always recovers and refuses to grow up. He has three heads, nine eyes and eight arms, with blue clouds coming from his mouth, flamed wheels under his feet, and all kinds of powerful weapons in his hands. He needs only to shout for clouds to turn into rain. He cuts his own flesh and commits suicide to save his father, fights the dragon king, and overturns the universe."

In the two years that have elapsed since the baby boutique offered a walker, cradle, pacifiers etc. suitable for the new-born infant, Ne Zha has grown up and the articles now available are appropriate for the young, all-powerful mini-warrior – a suit of armor, rocking horse, etc. In addition there is a naked effigy of the eight-armed youthful hero.

Shi Jinsong

(Thanks, Will Flameboy!)