Meatcard contest — recreate Frazetta paintings using live people


The Meatcard Challenge: If you do a good job of recreating one of three Frazetta paintings using live people you could win a slab of beef jerky with your business card laser-cut on it.


* Your image must be a photograph of actual, live people, not a drawing, illustration, or diorama. Recreating the painting with action figures does not count.

* Do not halfass the photo. If there is a dinosaur in the painting, there had better be something awesomely dinosaur-y in your picture. Not a stuffed animal, or your cat. Unless your cat is six feet tall and has a wicked gleam in its eye. We will be judging on creativity, ingenuity, and attitude.

* No photoshopping. No shooping whatsoever. We have shooped the whoop many times, and we will be able to tell.

* Judging is gender-agnostic. That's a man in the bikini holding the knife? Fine! We will judge based on whether he's successfully achieving the Fierce Frazetta Stance. Gender doesn't matter in the contest, but attitude and costume does.

* One winning photo, one alpha-tester slot. If your photo wins, you get one alpha-test slot, with one 4"x11" slab of jerky resulting. (Otherwise, one photo with 15 people in it could take up all the slots.)

* Pictures do not need to be work-safe, fully clothed, partially clothed, tasteful, appropriate, or attractive. They must be creative, ingenious, and make us glad we did this instead of just doing it "first come, first served."

I can't wait to see the contest entries!

Meatcard Challenge