Life with a 100 lb rodent that sounds like a Geiger counter when it's happy

Jeff Vandermeer sez,

"When people hear him they are always amazed. His voice is often mistaken for a birdsong. When he's nervous he sounds like the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. When he's happy he sounds like a Geiger counter."

An indepth interview with a capybara owner living in Texas. These giant rodents are among the most fantastical of beasts: "I take Caplin out in public a lot just because I like to have him with me. It is fun to watch people's reactions. Most people have no idea what he is and some take that as a personal affront, angry that such an animal could even exist. But most people are excited and enthusiastic about him, often referring to him as a giant hamster. That usually means they like him. Those who refer to him as a giant rat are more likely to be afraid. He is confused with a variety of animals such as tapirs, wombats and peccaries. One thing that amazes me is that very small children in strollers who can hardly speak a dozen words will point at him and say, "Mouse!" They are almost better at making that connection than adults are."

And: "Since he weighs 100 lbs, I can only have him in my lap for a few minutes before it starts cutting off circulation in my legs."

The Fantastical Capybara: An Interview with Melanie Typaldos About Her Caplin Rous

(Thanks, Jeff!)