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• The new iPhone has been jailbroken. But not by you.

Should a steampunk lightsaber have cogs? Dark forces want to know.

• Good Lord, they still make the Flowbee?

• Joel spotted an animatronic Luxo Jr.

• April Julian made a beautiful, delicious-looking iPod cake. Time-to-Portal-reference: 7 comments.

Moritz Wolpert's synthesizer is not like yours.

• Behold! PSP Phone mockups.

• Sony released the Signature Vaio Collection. Among the wonders is the world's first $2,000 netbook. We invent a Sony drinking game.

• Palm's Pre takes a bite out of Apple in a new Sprint ad.

• A kid in England switched his iPod for an ancient Walkman.

• The Mac Mini, it rules.

• Steorn, hawkers of perpetual motion, follow up with a $400 wand that measures fluctuations in the woo.

• The Touch Book is a curious convertible netbook.