Video drama about CIA's real project to drug unwitting US citizens with LSD

Operation Midnight Climax is "a new fictional web series about the true story of the CIA using hookers to test LSD on American Citizens."

The year is 1953 and the CIA has just been formed. We meet Jake Kowalski (Quinton Flynn) and his Army buddy Reed Spencer (Todd Cahoon) in an undisclosed location where Jake, now a CIA spook, tells Reed about the government's MKULTRA campaign and the covert plans to administor LSD to unsuspecting brothel patrons while they are "filmed for research purposes," behind two-way mirrors.

Reluctantly, Reed follows orders and recruits four lovely lieutenants to help him run the government sponsored brothel: Millie (Meredith Salenger), June (Stephanie Lemelin), Ethel (Jessica Myerson) and Bea (Vernetra Gavin) all must decide if they are good patriots. Is everybody in?

Episode 1 is above. Here's the trailer.

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