Shaming Congress into voting against the industries who bribed them to stop public healthcare

Adam sez,

Lawrence Lessig's new anti-corruption organization Change Congress recently used online ads to shame Sen. Ben Nelson in his home state for opposing President Obama's public health insurance option while taking $2 million from the health and insurance interests that are leading the fight against it.

And it worked. After an 11-day public fight, Nelson switched from calling the public option "a deal breaker" to saying he is open to it and promising not to join Republicans in a filibuster against it.

Now, Lessig has set his sights on Sen. Mary Landrieu, who also opposes the public option and took $1.6 million from the same special interests.

Today, Change Congress announced a new TV ad targeting Landrieu and they are asking the public to chip in to help air it in Louisiana. Democracy for America and are also partnering on this ad. It features Karen Gadbois, a local hero who helped root out corruption after Hurricane Katrina — who shares her compelling personal health care story:

Help us get this ad on the air in Louisiana!

(Thanks, Adam!)