Elderly retired boxing champ beats six kinds of crap out of drunken burglar neighbour

A British hard-partying 24-year-old bartender got upset that his elderly neighbour called the cops over all the noise he was making, so he got drunk and broke into the 72-year-old's house, wielding some kind of Mall Ninja knife that incorporated brass knuckles. What he didn't know was that the neighbour was a retired boxing champ, and the older man beat the everloving crap out of the would-be assailant. The judge in the case sentenced the burglar to four and a half years and said, of the beating, "You got what you deserved."

As Waxy notes, the inane Facebook photos make this story even more delicious.

A mug shot released by the Thames Valley Police reveals the results after Corti disarmed his attacker, let loose with two punches to the face and restrained McCalium until the police arrived on the scene…

Corti, a veteran of the British armed forces, was at home with his wife during the mid-morning attack, according to testimony in the case. McCalium, a bartender, may have held a grudge over a noise complaint lodged by the Cortis earlier that morning, the Daily Mail reported.

24-year-old burglar Gregory McCalium beaten by 'victim' – elderly retired boxer Frank Corti

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