SEC boss told underling to stop investigating Madoff in 2004, then marries Madoff's niece

Funny coincidence: The SEC's Eric Swanson, who told his underling lawyer to stop looking into Bernie Madoff's questionable activities in 2004, married Bernie's niece Shana Madoff in 2007.

By the way, in April Shana contacted Wall Street Prison Consultants, a firm that "gives advice to future inmates on how to survive prison time and win an early release." According the the firm's website, Shana can "learn the ropes of federal prison" including:

"Prevent Being RAPED, Prison Living Conditions, The Daily Prison Grind, Your 1st Day What To Bring With, Inmate Personal Property,
Inmate Etiquette & Politics,
Dealing With Other Inmates,
Avoiding and Spotting Informants,
Dealing With Gang Members,
Defusing A Confrontation,
Prison Slang & Lingo,  
Avoiding Bad Prison Jobs,
Getting A Lower Bunk Pass,
Getting A Soft Shoe Permit."

Staffer at SEC Had Warned Of Madoff