Reality show gives points to clerics for converting Atheists

A new Turkish game-show asks clerics to convert atheists and awards prizes for the most conversions; I think the atheists should get points for resisting the pitch, too — it's only fair (and the atheists should win supreme if the cleric loses faith altogether!).

A new game show on Turkish television will pit a Greek Orthodox priest, a rabbi, an imam and a Buddhist monk against one another in attempt to convert atheists to their respective religions.

In each episode of Penitents Compete, to be broadcast by Turkey's Kanal T television station in September, the four faith guides will try to persuade 10 atheists of the merits and truth of their creeds…

An eight-member team of theologians will vet contestants to ensure they really are atheists before deciding who will participate in the show.

Faiths compete on Turkish game show

(via Derren Brown)