Israeli debate on biometric database melts down when MP starts screaming at blogger for videoing the proceedings

Jonathan sez,

I'm Jonathan and one of the bloggers for the Israeli Blogger Coalition against the biometric database. Our government is currently pushing, with heavy pressure from certain corporations, to establish a national mandatory biometric database. Today, I went with Eran Vered, a fellow blogger and video producer to video the hearing about the biometric database in the Israeli Parliament (Knesset).

After around half an hour of filming, the staff from the Immigration Authority (coming to lobby the database) noted that Eran can film them as well and passed a note (shown on video). A few minutes afterwards, Eran was "Excused" out of the hearing, where former minister of Interior, Meir Sheetrit, who is the champion for the database, suddenly screamed for no apparent reason.

While Eran did have a special permission to film in the Knesset (as you cannot enter it with any camera without that permission) it seems quite strange.

Sheetrit's anger towards Eran was unexplainable, as he is eager to pass this bill into law without any public debate. The bill itself allows confidential regulation and confidential procedures for use of the database and that are not subjected to any public review.

I'd be more than glad if you can help us promote our struggle against this bill.

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(Thanks, Jonathan!)