Travis Louie's "Monster?" group art show

 Monsterweb Images C Garro  Allure2

 Monsterweb Images Bobeggleton

 Monsterweb Images A Rokuro Lj2

 Monsterweb Images A Ojessica-Joslin Phineas

Travis Louie, whose art we've featured many times on BB, is curating a large group show opening this Saturday, July 11, at CoproGalley in Santa Monica, CA. The theme and title of the show: "Monster?" Seen above, clockwise from top left, Mark Garro's "Allure," Bob Eggleton's "Eye Monster," Audrey Kawasaki's ""While You're Sleeping," and Jessica Joslin's "Phineas." The entire show is viewable online as well. Monster? show preview (Thanks, Kirsten Anderson!)