FTC video on avoiding con-arists who "foreclose" on your home or "help" with foreclosure

Nicole from the FTC sez, "Con artists often exploit our fears to take our money, and right now there are many families in fear of losing their homes. Scammers who promise to stop foreclosure are out to make a quick buck and can turn a homeowner's distress into disaster.

Today, the FTC and its partners announced new law enforcement actions against deceptive foreclosure rescue companies. Along with the announcement, the FTC released "Real People, Real Stories," a video about keeping your home. It features people targeted by foreclosure rescue scams and advises homeowners in distress that free help is available from the Homeowner's Hope Hotline at 888-945-4673.

We hope you'll post this video, and encourage your readers to get the help they need from a HUD-certified housing counselor. More information about mortgages is available at www.ftc.gov/yourhome."

Real People, Real Stories

(Thanks, Nicole!)