Leverage season one DVD: crime drama about Delta force who take down corrupt corporations

Here's some good news: the first season of John Rogers's TV show Leverage is out on DVD. Leverage is a taut, smart thriller about a Delta force of ex-grifters and special ops types who join forces to take down evil corporations and other scumbags. Rogers, the show's creator and runner, is a long-time comics writer (you might know him from Blue Beetle) with a long history in TV writing and stand-up comedy, and all these influences come through in the writing and the look of the show, which uses a lot of shots that remind me of really good comics panels.

I only caught the first couple episodes of Leverage because it was on US TV and I live in the UK, so I'm looking forward to catching up with this. Really, really looking forward.

Leverage: The First Season

(via Kung Fu Monkey)