Baltimore transit wants to use microphones to record all conversations on trains and buses

The Baltimore public transit system is trying to get the legal go-ahead to use microphones to record the conversations of passengers and drivers on the buses and trains. Shocking, huh? Watch how fast this becomes everyday — just like CCTV. After all, if we can simply ignore the all-seeing, all-spying eye, why not the all-listening ear?

Update:: Thanks to Jackie31337 in the comments for pointing out that the MTA withdrew the proposal, "Maryland Transportation Administration Acting Secretary Beverly Swaim-Staley said Monday evening that she has withdrawn the following request to the attorney general for a legal opinion, saying the matter should have been reviewed at the department level before the MTA sought legal advice." I translate this as meaning, "We didn't know that sunshine laws meant that floating this kind of insane balloon within government meant that the public would find out how totally, completely, creepily nuts we are, whoops!"

The MTA is considering installing audio surveillance equipment on its buses and trains to record conversations of passengers and employees, according to a letter sent by the MTA's top official to the state Attorney General's Office…

"As part of MTA's ongoing efforts to deter criminal activity and mitigate other dangerous situations on board its vehicles, Agency management has considered adding audio recording equipment to the video recording technology now in use throughout its fleet," Wiedefeld wrote.

MTA thinking of listening in

(Thanks, Patrick!)