Interfictions 2 - anthology of genre-transcending fiction - needs your support!

Ellen Kushner sez,

The Interstitial Arts Foundation supports artists whose work falls outside of traditional disciplines, genres and other classification systems. This fall the IAF is publishing Interfictions 2, its second anthology of short interstitial fiction, and it's conducting an experiment in crowdfunding to make it happen.

The IAF has broken down the cost to publish and promote the book and posted the list to its site ($25 sends out 5 copies of the book to reviewers, $100 prints up promotional postcards, $200 buys a magazine ad, and so on), and would-be supporters are invited to make donations. Donors making contributions of $375 or above BY JULY 31ST will not only receive signed copies of both anthologies and have their names included in an online supporters list, but will get their names published in the printed edition of Interfictions 2.

This is actually the second of several experiments in crowdsourcing attached to the project: earlier this year, the IAF opened up a Flickr group to solicit possible images for the cover. The winner, Alex Myers' "E", was selected from this pool and was created as a mixed-media piece from cereal boxes. A third crowdsourced project, also currently open for entries, swaps a free story from the new anthology for a small piece of art inspired by that story, which will then be auctioned off by the IAF to support publication of the book.

Interfictions 2 includes new works from Jeffrey Ford, Amelia Beamer and Theodora Goss, and a foreword from Henry Jenkins (until recently the co-director of MIT's Comparative Media Studies program, now the Ovost's Professor of Communications, Journalism, and Cinematic Art at USC).

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(Thanks, Ellen!)