Cat burglar falls off three-storey building across from my bedroom window

At 5AM today — about an hour ago — just as my alarm went off, someone in the street below started shouting CALL POLICE! CALL POLICE! I grabbed my phone and went to the window, and saw a man in the street, shouting and looking up at the third-story roof of the office building across the street. Looked over just in time to see a man shinning down the side of the building, holding onto a cable — probably the co-ax cable. The cable snapped, and the man — a cat-burglar, apparently — fell the rest of the way. My wife started calling police while I grabbed my camera. The police-shouter ran over to the fallen burglar and tried to block him, while the burglar screamed, "My leg is broken," and commenced crawling across the street, alternating cries of "My leg is broken" with "I didn't do nothin'." Halfway across, a dog-walker came by, spoke with the police-shouter, the burglar, and went back. When the burglar reached the opposite kerb, he took out his phone and called someone and started shouting "Please come get me, my ankle is broken, just come!"

Meantime, a third man — I think he worked in the office building — came out and called the police. The burglar continued to insist on his innocence, shouting every time he moved and jarred his leg. Six or seven minutes later, six police cars arrived, and I went back inside.

A strange way to start the day. Hope his leg is OK.

Cat burglar falls three storeys across the street at 5AM