Torchwood, reviewed (Metzger likes it)

Richard Metzger has just posted a review of Torchwood: Children of Earth, which just began a five consecutive night run on BBC America and BBC America HD. Snip:


For those of you who agreed with me about how much I hated the new Harry Potter movie, believe me again when I tell you that the new Torchwood season three mini-series is one of the finest, most action-packed, unpredictable, FREAKY and most deeply moving sci-fi tales I've ever seen. Totally raises the bar for the genre in so many, many ways.

Torchwood: Children of Earth boasts one of the most intelligent and sophisticated long form scripts in the history of the genre. I don't want to give anything away to American viewers who still have four shows left to go, but my god when you find out what the aliens really want with the kids, WHOA, it is fckng dark! The lead actors John Barrowman, Eve Myles and Gareth David-Lloyd are terrific and guest star Peter Capaldi proves once again that he's one of Britain's finest acting talents. It's truly a milestone.

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