Ginormo Sword: a hack-and-slash commentary on video games

The Play This Thing blog reviews Ginormo Sword, a sarcastic Flash game that's designed to reduce the dopamine drip of your basic video game to its bare minimum:

Ginormo is just as succinct with the gameplay; if you found pressing WASD to move and clicking like a spastic chimp a tad too hard to manage don't fret, as Ginormo Sword further simplifies the controls to just the mouse. Combat is equally as minimalistic and thankfully void of challenge; click to attack and don't be careless enough to walk into your enemies to win. Each enemy you kill drops gold, which of course can be used to buy said loot. Slay mobs, get loot, repeat ad infinitum. You're most likely accustomed to this from your days of Pavlovian conditioning in Azeroth. Once you tire of this, wander around your static environment till you stumble upon another spawning ground of enemies…

Srsly, this game is in the vein of Upgrade Complete or Achievement Unlocked, and is a great meta-commentary on the whole MMO scene and the shallow and one-dimensional gameplay behind it. Strip away the chatroom and all of the other bells and whistles from your MMO and you're left with Ginormo Sword and its lifeless and hollow gameplay

Ginormo Sword