Boing Boing Video shoot notes: The Mighty Boosh

Boing Boing Video shoot: The Mighty Boosh

A quick set of snaps from today's Boing Boing Video shoot in Hollywood with Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding of The Mighty Boosh.

We'll be bringing you the video interview soon, and it includes a spontaneous and very special Boing Boing crimp, courtesy of Messrs. Fielding and Barratt. But it was so much fun, I had to share the personal snaps now.

Our crew for this shoot: the lovely Tara McGinley (above, with me and los del Boosh), the inimitable Richard Metzger, Eric Mittleman, Señor Ehrich Blackhound, and Mr. David "Simpsons" Silverman.

Barratt and Fielding are visiting the US to promote the release of all three seasons of their hit BBC show on DVD (their show is also on Adult Swim now, in the asscrack timeslot of 1am on Sundays, which really ought to be corrected). They're playing an intimate gig tonight for some 500 fans at the Roxy on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood. They are huge huge huge in the UK, and as a friend also said, I hope they find the audience they deserve here in the states. That seems inevitable, though, and well under way.

As I began this blog post, I started typing "I am their biggest fan in the world," but that's demonstrably not true. Let us say this: I am their biggest fan among the subset of fans who are not willing to dress up as Tony Harrison, don Bollo drag, or perform amateur crimping in public. Among the fans who will not attempt these things, yes, I am surely the most ardent.

Noel Fielding's reenactment of Joe Jackson's "Look Sharp" album cover.At left, from the shoot — as Metzger put it: "Noel Fielding's reenactment of Joe Jackson's 'Look Sharp!
' album cover."

Boing Boing Video snaps: The Mighty Boosh (@ Flickr, mostly shot by Tara, special thanks to S. Weiner, A. Carlson, and @MightyBooshDVD.)

You really ought to buy the DVDs. Just trust me on this one:
* The Mighty Boosh: The Complete Season 1

* The Mighty Boosh: Season 2

* The Mighty Boosh: Season 3